Welcome to the LEDE project

The LEDE project is a Linux based embedded meta distribution based on OpenWrt and targeting a wide range of wireless SOHO routers and non-network devices.

LEDE spun away from the mother project in May 2016, aims for an open governance model and attempts to simplify contributing to encourage new developers in embedded development.

Refer to our about page to learn more about the projects origins.

How can I use LEDE?

Since LEDE is a pretty young spinoff from OpenWrt it is largely compatible to it, in most cases the same installation procedures can be used to flash your devices.

Sysupgrades from OpenWrt to LEDE or vice versa are supported but it is advised to not keep settings in such a case to benefit from the updated defaults.

What is LEDE’s target audience?

As a source based Linux distribution for wireless routers, LEDE is primarily intended for networking enthusiasts, wireless communities, embedded Linux developers and advanced users.

LEDE aims for versatility and ease of customization but does not attempt to be a fully integrated alternative to OEM firmware, it rather is a set of building blocks to implement your own projects.

How can I help?

Like any open source project, LEDE lives from the effort being put into it by its users and developers. If you like to participate in development, please refer to our development sub page to learn more about source code access and building instructions.

If you do not consider yourself a developer but want to participate in maintaining documentation or in helping community members then don’t hesitate to join our mailing list or IRC channels to get in touch.


The *Wrt community is made up of many great communities all tinkering on their own mission in improving something on this planet. The Following communities have kindly decided to endorse this project. Thanks !